Healing Gems EP

by Healing Gems

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released December 9, 2017

Jared - Guitar, Vocals,
Bianca - Bass,
Edgar - Keys,
Michael - Drums,
Xochi - Vocals, Percussion,
Trish - Vocals, Percussion,

Co-written by Larry Luna
Recorded @ Mindwarp Pavilion - Covina, California
Richard and Michael Castellanos


all rights reserved



Healing Gems Los Angeles, California

Space Age Tequila Sunrise, Trash Lounge, Lava Pop from Los Angeles.

Jared Marin- vocals/guitar
Michael Castellanos- drums/omnichord
Edgar Mendoza- keys
Eddie Camacho- bass
Patricia Reyes- vocals/percussion
Xochi Shirtz- vocals/percussion
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Track Name: Emerald Village
You are bad men
Said the idol made from rock and gem
Give what you have to me
And I will set you free

Journey then
For I have placed a mark upon your head
All who see will know just what you did
You'll pay for your sin

Lo, behold
The mighty tower made from glass and gold
All who enter must give what they owe
Or I will be harsh and cold
Track Name: Gem Cha
My darling dear
Tell me what do you fear
Is your heart in two?
Who could be so cruel
to someone like you?

When your dreams die
You lie in the dirt and cry
Because the stars abandoned you
What's there left to do?
My darling dear

Your weary heart
Has been doomed from the start
Someone has placed a curse on you
Who could be so cruel?
My darling dear
Track Name: Tijuana Mushroom (Driving on LSD)
I know that I disappointed you
Seems like thats all i know how to do
The days go by, and the seasons change
But the desert will remain the same

A stem grows strong as the days go by
But i'll let you down almost every time
Though some grow wings as the seasons change
The hairy tarantula remains the same

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